Thomas Jackson Letters

Название: Thomas Jackson Letters
Адрес (если есть):,
Режим доступа:
Город, страна: , США
Авторы: John Paling
Год создания: 2013
Назначение: исследования, образование
Полнотекстовость: да
Тип: фактографическая
Тип источников: письменные, изобразительные
Источники: Письма Томаса Джексона
Подход к созданию: источнико-ориентированная
Область знания: история
Область истории: социально-экономическая, политическая, культурная
География: Северная Америка
  • период: новая
  • века: 19 .. 19
  • годы: 1856 .. 1874
Технология создания:
Программное обеспечение:
Объем (в записях): 28
Язык интерфейса: английский
Количество пользователей: коллективного использования
Ключевые слова:

Description: The Thomas Jackson Letters are a unique collection of previously unpublished letters describing facts and feelings about slavery and the American Civil War as seen from the grass roots level in Reading, Pennsylvania. These detailed, authentic, contemporary reports, most in excellent condition, are the letters of rope-maker Thomas Jackson.

The author had been born and spent his early years in England but emigrated to USA in 1829 and spent the rest of his life in Reading. He became a fervent abolitionist and, as the war progressed, wrote back to his cousins asking that they try to get his letters published in the English newspapers. For this reason, many of the letters contain virtually no reference to family matters but concentrate instead on reporting Jackson's first hand experiences of the Civil War and the injustices of slavery. By following Thomas Jackson’s passionate descriptions, users can witness through his eyes some of the key events of the American Civil War.

Users will find 28 complete Thomas Jackson letters covering the period from 1856 to 1874. In addition to the original documents/transcriptions, maps, images, summaries, and notes provide illustrative and explanatory material.
Coverage: 1856-1874


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