NavSource Naval History: Photographic History of the U.S. Navy

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When trying to decide on a name for this project back in 1995, I was looking for something that described what I was trying to provide. A one stop Naval Resource Center, where visitors could find information and images of ships of the USN. So from these two words, Naval Resources, NavSource was born and registered in 1996 as the domain name under which we operate.

Who And What We Are,

NavSource is not a business, it is a group of volunteers who are not paid for their time and efforts; we do it because we all share the same respect and love of naval history and through our efforts provide a free resource for the naval enthusiast that has been unavailable by other means. Some of us have full time jobs and work on this project as time allows, others are retired. Sometimes progress seems slow and it may take some time to have submitted information added to the project but we are always working to make this information available.

We also work in close conjunction with other naval history sites, like Andrew Toppan's, to bring you up to date, factual and accurate information without having to navigate around advertising banners. By working together we can avoid duplication of effort and thus provide you with a wide array of information that the USN History Branch has not been able to provide.

We are also working with various groups like the DESTROYER ESCORT SAILORS ASSN. to preserve as much history of these ships as possible.

The USN, limited by budget constraints, provides as much information as they can and has an excellent web site, When used in conjunction with these sites, you should be able to locate the information that you seek. This is an ongoing project, information and images are added as they become available to us.

Mission Statement

The simple goal of NavSource Naval History is the preservation of naval history, in the form of images and text, also to help former shipmates find each other by providing reunion and contact information. We also hope to help historians and researchers find information and sources not previously available through private photo collections and records donated to us by former ships personnel. We also make available to everyone public images and records found scattered in various locations Indexed in one place for easy reference.

Financial Statement

NavSource is a non-commercial organization and does not accept donations.

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