Museum of Russian Icons

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Description: Including more than 500 Russian icons and artifacts, the Museum of Russian Icons houses the largest collections of its kind in North America, and one of the largest private collections outside Russia. Spanning six centuries, the collection includes important historical paintings dating from the earliest periods of icon “writing” to the present. While the main focus of the Museum is Russian icons, the Center for Icon Studies (CIS) at the Museum of Russian Icons promotes the continuing study of all aspects of sacred icons. CIS is interested in the origin and development of icons from the Byzantine period to the modern era around the globe and supports research in iconology and iconography, including but not limited to conservation, art historical and comparative studies, geo-political, religious and spiritual areas.

In support of this mission, CIS publishes the on-line Journal of Icon Studies with peer-reviewed articles, book and exhibit reviews, and conference announcements. In addition, researchers have access to educational videos and publications by Museum personnel as well as a variety of tools such as a dictionary of icon terminology, a Russian-English lexicon of saints' names, and the Museum's extensive and expanding collection.
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