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Description: These digital collections document diverse elements of the history of Middle Tennessee State University, Rutherford County and the mid-state. Some of the collections included are:

  • Buchanan Family Collection: This collection documents the family of James McGill Buchanan (1919-2013), MTSU alumnus and 1986 winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics.
  • Cannon County (TN) Collection: This collection includes photographs of agricultural activities in Cannon County, TN that were taken by W.L. Clement, District Conservationist for the U.S. Soil Conservation Service, and his assistants between the mid-1940s and mid-1970s.
  • Cedar Glades Studies Collection: Cedar glades are an endangered ecosystem that are globally rare. These extremely rare habitats are found primarily in Middle Tennessee and a few localities in other southeastern states.
  • Milton Collection: A collection of 19th century documents from the Milton community in eastern Rutherford County, most associated with the Bilbro family. Importantly, the ledgers of Dr. Bilbro document many names of families who lived in and near Milton in the mid-19th century.
  • Shades of Gray and Blue: In Tennessee, we have all heard stories of life and death on the state’s Civil War battlefields, but what happened to the men, women, and children who stayed at home? Their stories, seen through the lens of the objects that were a part of their daily lives, reflect the ways Tennesseans adapted, coped, and thrived during the war.
  • Stones River Battlefield Historic Landscape Collection: The Stones River Battlefield Historic Landscape Project documents the history of people, land use, and nature in the Stones River Battlefield area. Of special interest are the history of the post-Civil War racialized landscape; the many ways in which the battle has been commemorated, from the construction of Hazen Monument in 1863 to the establishment and development of Stones River National Battlefield.

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