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The Minnesota Historical Society preserves and makes available a wealth of Minnesota history in many forms. Use this tool to search our Web Pages and online Research Materials. Many additional materials, such as books, periodicals, motion pictures, sound recordings, government records and manuscript collections can be searched using the library catalog.

We collect photographs, letters, maps, books, state records, flags, paintings, and so much more. Many—but not all—of these items are accessible online via web pages or our digital collections. Others can only be accessed by visiting the Minnesota History Center library or museum, or by visiting one of our historic sites.

When you type a search term into the search bar above, you will get two types of results:

  • A search of our Web Pages will give you results from the entire MHS web presence, sorted by relevancy.
  • A search of our Research Materials will give you results from our various databases of artifacts, photographs, collection inventories, and digitized records. Your results are sorted by relevancy, but you can sort by date.  You can also narrow your results based on collection, type of item, year, place, and more. See tips on how to search Collections.

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