Iter: Gateway to the Renaissance and Middle Ages

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Description: The Iter Bibliography is an open URL- and Zotero-enabled bibliography comprised of secondary source material pertaining to the Middle Ages and Renaissance (400-1700). Citations for books and journal material (articles, reviews, review articles, bibliographies, catalogues, abstracts and discographies) are included, as are citations for dissertation abstracts and essays in books (including entries in conference proceedings, festschriften, encyclopedias and exhibition catalogues). The site also includes: Iter Italicum, a finding list of Renaissance humanistic manuscripts found in libraries and collections all over the world, produced by Paul Oskar Krisetller; International Directory of Scholars, a comprehensive directory of contact information, and information on the research and teaching careers of scholars around the world; Baptisteria Sacra, an index offering detailed descriptions of fonts from the early Christian period to the 17th century; Medici Archive Project, which currently describes 200 volumes of documents in the Medici Granducal Archive (Archivio Mediceo del Principato), with document records for approximately 10,000 letters and biographical records for approximately 11,000 people; Aestimatio, a journal that provides critical, timely assessments of books published in the history of what was called science from antiquity up to the early modern period in cultures ranging from Spain to India, and from Africa to northern Europe; Electronic Capito Project which provides the text of letters from and to Wolfgang Capito which are either unpublished or have been published before 1850 and are therefore difficult to access; and Romeo and Juliet: Searchable Database for Prompt Books, containing information from about 170 prompt books for productions ranging from the 17th century to the 1980s.

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