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Название: History Study Center™
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  • Format: Full Text, Text+Graphics, Multimedia (video, audio, weblinks)
  • Media: Electronic/Online
  • Coverage Dates: Periodicals, 1986-Current; multimedia, historical to Current
  • Sources Covered: 40,000+ documents and articles, with over 50 reference works, 3,000 images and links to 2,000 Websites
  • MARC Records: Yes

History Study Center™ offers valuable historical reference material that spans from ancient times through today's current events. It houses over 40,000 documents that showcase historical events and provide quick and valuable facts for a variety of users from high school students to history scholars.

The materials in History Study Center are hand-selected by an editorial team of history scholars—so you can be sure that users have access to the leading, most relevant resources available.

History Study Center consists of seven integrated resources that can be easily cross-searched through a single interface:

  • Study Units—500+ History Topics containing editorially selected materials
  • Reference Works—20,000+ articles from atlases, biographical collections, encyclopedias, and research guides, more added monthly
  • Picture Library—3,000+ captioned historical photos, political cartoons, woodcuts, more
  • Video Library—hundreds of historical video clips, captioned for context and easy searching
  • Web Gateway—annotated links to thousands of reliable websites, from the major primary source collections down to individual pages
  • KnowledgeNotes™ History Guides—text-based topic guides about trends, events, and the science of history
  • Journal Library—cover-to-cover full text of 80 journals for runs that often go up to the most recent issue

History Study Center is also available to K-12 schools as part of an eLibrary® Curriculum Edition subscription.

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