Closed for Business

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“Closed for Business” is a multi-year, grant-funded digital history project by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania that tells the story of Bankers Trust Company, the first large bank to fail in Philadelphia during the Great Depression.

This project is part of a larger effort, funded by the Albert M. Greenfield Foundation, to draw attention to HSP’s 20th-century collections. It also aims to provide greater digital access to one of HSP’s flagship collections related to the history of Philadelphia during the 20th century: the Albert M. Greenfield papers (collection #1959). Greenfield (1887-1967) was a prominent Philadelphia businessman involved in real estate, banking and mortgages, retail, and politics. His extensive connections to civic, political, business, and social affairs make the collection one of the most heavily referenced when discussing 20th-century Philadelphia.

Project staff selected 300+ documents from the Greenfield papers and other HSP collections to digitize, transcribe, and annotate in XML using the guidelines of the Text Encoding Initiative, which allows sophisticated searching and analysis of digital documents. This web site also offers contextual essays and other resources aimed at teachers who may use the site in the classroom.

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