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Description: Collaboration betwen East View Information Services and Cambridge University Press has resulted in Cambridge Archive Editions Online (CAE), a collection of historical reference materials which otherwise would have remained unknown, difficult to access, or fragmentary. Considered collectively, this body of documents represents many thousands of original documents of the National Archives (UK)--over 1,000 volumes, nearly 600,000 pages and nearly 1,000 maps--represented in facsimile, on the history, national heritage, and political development of the many regions CAE has specialized in, notably, the Middle East, Russia and the Balkans, the Caucasus, Southeast Asia, and China and the Far East. The collection has been arranged by geography covering the Near and Middle East, Slavic and Balkan regions, and East and South East Asia. Additional geographic breakdowns within the Near and Middle East collection enable researchers to focus on a particular country’s content, such as Syria or Qatar. Topical filters have been added to enable researchers to see content that touches subject matter across geography, such as Arab Nationalism or Boundary Disputes and Border Mapping. The value and discoverability of this content is enhanced immeasurably through CAE’s document-level citations and rich indexing.
Coverage: Various Dates

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