Beijing Artmuseum

Название: Beijing Artmuseum
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Организация: Beijing Artmuseum
Город, страна: Пекин, Китай
Год создания: 2013
Назначение: образование
Полнотекстовость: частично
Тип: другое
Тип источников: вещественные, письменные, изобразительные
Источники: керамика, живопись, калиграфия, текстиль, скульптура
Подход к созданию: источнико-ориентированная
Область знания: гуманитарные науки в целом
Область истории: социально-экономическая, культурная
География: Азия
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Объем (в записях): 64
Язык интерфейса: английский, китайский
Количество пользователей: коллективного использования
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Beijing Art Museum is a comprehensive museum subordinated to Beijing Municipal Bureau of Cultural Heritage. Officially established and opened to public in August 1987, Beijing Art Museum takes its tenet in carrying forward the ancient Chinese art civilization while promoting the exchange and development of modern and contemporary art.


Located in the ancient complex buildings of the Wanshou Temple and covering an area of nearly 40,000 square meters, with 14,000 square meters construction area, Beijing Art Museum is a national key cultural heritage protection unit.


Beijing Art Museum has nearly 10 thousand pieces of art works in house. Among which, the collection of ancient Chinese art works is known for treasures handed down from as early as the primitive era to the Republic of China, with most impressive collection of the Ming and Qing dynasties. It covers paintings, calligraphy, rubbing, embroidery, pottery and porcelain, jade wares, bronzes, lacquer of bamboo, wood and tooth, coins, seals, furniture, and other categories of the traditional Chinese art. In addition to ancient artworks, the Museum also houses the masterpieces of Wu Changshuo, Qi Baishi, Zhang Daqian, Xu Beihong and other modern and contemporary great painters of China. Beijing Art Museum also boasts for its foreign art collection represented by Japanese paintings and crafts. In 2011, Beijing Art Museum is substantially enriched with a total of more than 2,000 cartons of the residuals and shards unearthed from Maojiawan and the relics unearthed from Longquanwu Kiln Site wholly allocated by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Cultural Heritage. In recent years, by renovation to modern exhibition halls under the base of the ancient architectural interior pattern, Beijing Art Museum has successfully held a series of exhibitions of Chinese ancient kilns and ancient jade wares as well as various art exchange events and educational activities.


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