Yin Liu, Jeff Smith.A Relational Database Model for Text Encoding

Авторы: Jeff Smith, Yin Liu
Название: A Relational Database Model for Text Encoding
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Источник (для периодики и сборников статей): A Relational Database Model for Text Encoding
Год: 2008
Тип публикации: статья
Язык: английский
Он-лайн версия: www.digitalstudies.org/ojs/index.php/digital_studies/article/view/133
Ключевые слова: Database, Text Encoding, Модель
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Yin Liu, Jeff Smith/ A Relational Database Model for Text Encoding//2008

Computer technologies offer us a wider range of nonlinear ways to read, but current markup-based standards of text encoding do not allow us to exploit the full potential of the digital environment. The relational database, another well-established method of encoding information, suggests another definition of text, not as a hierarchical structure but as a "labelled network of language objects." This alternative model allows text not only to be stored in a database but also encoded as a database. Some applications of this model are illustrated from our current work with Glyphicus, a database-building tool that we are using to encode the Middle English long poem Sir Perceval of Galles.


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