The "American Century" Geospatial Timeline - проект, созданные студентами университета Клемсона. На временной шкале (хронологические охват с 1865 по 2009 гг.)  отображенно поэтопное развитие литература, появление наиболее мощных памятников слова нового и новейшего времени на териитории США и Европы (теаймлайн сопровождан картой).


Database of Mid-Victorian Illustration содержит  почти 900 иллюстраций из различных литературных произведений и изданий. Он содержит записи и изображения, взятые из различных литературных жанров, собранные в 1862 году. Запрос в базе данных может быть оформлен по разному:

  • Поиск по ключевым словам : это позволяет получить очень обшрные данные.
  • Расширенный поиск : данный тип формирование запроса для БД, подразумевает использование  различные библиографические критериев.
  • Просмотр иконографии :с помощью этой поисковой функции можно просматривать изображения с помощью иконографической классификации.

База данных позволяет ползьвотелям системы просматривать библиографические и иконописные данные.

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Archiving Early America is one of the Internet’s leading Web sites offering a unique body of primary source material on the life and times of 18th century America. The site focuses on the Colonial era, the Revolutionary War and the Early Republic.

The site is supported solely by advertising. It is not funded by public money, grants, or private or corporate sponsorships. All of the features at the site are free to users.

Don Vitale is editor and publisher of Archiving Early America. A former journalist, he served as senior lecturer at the University of Southern California’s Department of Journalism. He is presently archivist for the Keigwin and Mathews Collection of 18th century historical documents of early America.

The site is renewed on an ongoing basis as new content is added online. Articles in The Early America Review—the site’s biannual historical journal—are bylined and written by authors with a special interest in the history of early America. Vitale writes all of the preambles to the site’s many features.

Much of the website highlights a vast array of primary source content written by the country’s Founders.

Archiving Early America first went online in 1995. The project allowed Americans to view their nation’s founding documents as they appeared in the media of that day. Our mission statement spells out our objectives at the time.

Many students and teachers of early America use Archiving Early America as a resource for their research papers and projects. We hope that by accessing the information appearing on our site you, as millions of others, will gain valuable insights into this important era of America’s history.

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American History Central is an online digital encyclopedia, and is being developed as  an educational resource for teachers and students.

One of the great problems of searching for reference and research materials online is the fact that much of the content available does not come from trusted resources. Our custom search engine allows you to search across a select set of digital encyclopedias, chosen by our expert team.  By using this engine, you can trust that the results are qualified and accurate.

American History Central is a planned series of online digital encyclopedias that will focus on specific time periods and events in American History. We are currently working on encyclopedias that cover the Great Depression and the inspiration behind the Declaration of Independence.

This website will serve as a central hub and access point to all of the American History Central encyclopedias, but it will also provide a massive index of online resources that can be used as references for teaching and researc

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To satisfy Americans' keen interest in the routes of railroads, cartographers have shown rail lines on maps since the first tracks were laid in the United States. There are in the collections of the Library of Congress thousands of American railroad maps as well as numerous general maps showing railroad routes as part of the transportation network. The maps, which are in the custody of the Geography and Map Division, vary widely in area, content, and scale. Some cover major segments of our country and depict the interrelationship of various modes of transportation. Others resemble contemporary "strip" road maps and show only a ribbon of land immediately adjacent to a specific railroad right-of-way.

The Library's holdings include railroad maps issued for a variety of purposes. Among the collections are official printed government surveys conducted to determine the most practical railroad routes, Pacific Railroad Surveys, U.S. General Land Office maps which show land grants to railroads, surveys for specific rights-of-way, and general surveys prepared to accompany progress reports of individual railroads. Other maps were published specifically to promote particular lines, some of which were never built. Also represented in the collection are maps issued by commercial publishers, intended for ticket agents and the public, as route guides to encourage commerce and travel to the newly settled areas west of the Mississippi River.

The maps presented here are a selection from the Geography and Map Division holdings, based on the popular cartobibliography, Railroad Maps of the United States: A Selective Annotated Bibliography of Original 19th-century Maps in the Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress, compiled by Andrew M. Modelski (Washington: Library of Congress, 1975). This annotated list reveals the scope of the railroad map collection and highlights the development of railroad mapping in 19th-century America. Described are 623 maps chosen from more than 3,000 railroad maps and about 2,000 regional, state, and county maps, and other maps which show "internal improvements" of the past century.

The maps selected represent a profile of the development of cartographic style and technique and are not intended to inventory all maps in the division which show railroads. The list does reflect, however, the important achievements of early railroaders in reaching their ultimate goal of providing a transportation network spanning the country and linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

The list includes only separate printed and manuscript maps preserved in the Geography and Map Division. Excluded are photocopies, facsimiles, atlases, and maps which are included in annual railroad company reports or which illustrate volumes classed elsewhere in the Library of Congress.


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Railroad maps - дочерний проект  Library of Congress.

Цель проекта состоит в создании методики интернет-публикации массовых источников делопроизводства по технологии реляционных баз данных на основе оперативной электронной публикации всех боярских списков XVIII в.