The purpose of the National Gallery of Australia is to serve the public by enhancing understanding and enjoyment of the visual arts, through the effective and efficient use of the Gallery's collections and exhibitions, which will be preserved, displayed, promoted, developed, and complemented where appropriate with loans from elsewhere.

Why have a service charter?

We are working constantly to improve our services to you. This service charter is a document which outlines what services we provide, what you can expect from us and how you can assist us with improvements.

Our services to you

  • permanent collection displays
  • exhibition program including travelling exhibitions
  • education, public programs and research
  • development and care of the collections
  • publications and other merchandise
  • National Gallery of Australia Membership

What you can expect from us

  • courteous, responsive and friendly services
  • informed staff
  • a welcome and safe environment
  • appropriate and well-maintained facilities

In doing this we are committed to

  • communicating with you about what we do and why we do it
  • always identifying ourselves when talking or writing to you
  • providing information which is accurate and accessible

We expect you to

The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) is the oldest and most visited gallery in Australia. Situated over two magnificent buildings – NGV International and NGV Australia – the Gallery hosts a wide range of international and local artists, exhibitions, programs and events; from contemporary art to major international historic exhibitions, fashion and design, architecture, sound and dance.

Founded in 1861, today the NGV holds the most significant collection of art in the region; a vast treasury of more than 70,000 works that span thousands of years and a wealth of ideas, disciplines and styles. It is a collection that is yours, and it’s free! We warmly welcome you to share in these riches and the many activities, exhibitions and events developed at the NGV for us all to enjoy.