На данном информационно - образовательном портале исторического факультета Кембриджского университета представлены большие коллекции исторических источников, исторических документов, исторических данных. Faculty of History обладает обширной библиотекой, с множеством уникальных коллекций.

The Office of the Historian is responsible, under law, for the preparation and publication of the official documentary history of U.S. foreign policy in the Foreign Relations of the United States series.

In addition, the Office prepares policy-supportive historical studies for Department principals and other agencies. These studies provide essential background information, evaluate how and why policies evolved, identify precedents, and derive lessons learned. Department officers rely on institutional memory, collective wisdom, and personal experience to make decisions; rigorous historical analysis can sharpen, focus, and inform their choices. The Office of the Historian conducts an array of initiatives, ranging from briefing memos to multi-year research projects.

The Office of the Historian also promotes the declassification of documents to ensure a complete and accurate understanding of the past.

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We want everyone—students, teachers, parents, and the general public—to read these milestone documents, consider their meaning, discuss them, and decide which are the most significant and why. This initiative creates a number of ways to do that—through classroom activities and competitions, and votes.

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Digital history is an emerging and rapidly changing academic field. The purpose of the Digital History Projectis to educate scholars and the public about the state of the discipline by providing access to:

  • interviews with scholars about topics related to digital history;
  • presentations and essays about the field by noted scholars;
  • syllabi and student projects from courses in digital history;
  • reviews of major online projects and of tools which may be of use to digital historians;
  • indices of peer-reviewed scholarship and digital projects;
  • a directory of historians practicing digital history; and
  • a clearinghouse of current events and news items of interest.


The site is made available through the generous support of the John and Catherine Angle Fund. It received production assistance from the New Media Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


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