The Great Parchment Book of the Honourable the Irish Society is a major surviving historical record of the estates of the county of Londonderry (in modern day Northern Ireland). It contains key data about landholding and population in the Irish province of Ulster and the city of Londonderry and its environs in the mid-17th century, at a time of social, religious, and political upheaval. Compiled in 1639, it was severely damaged in a fire in 1786, and due to the fragile state of the parchment, its contents have been mostly inaccessible since. Our project is a long-term, interdisciplinary, international partnership involving conservators, archivists, computer scientists, and digital humanists that developed a low-cost pipeline for conserving, digitizing, 3D-reconstructing, and virtually flattening the fire-damaged, buckled parchment, enabling new readings and understanding of the text to be created in time for the 400th anniversary celebrations of the building of Londonderry’s city walls in 2013.

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Even while the First World War was still being fought, the newly-formed Imperial War Museum was asking the public to help it tell the story of the global conflict that shaped the world we live in today.

The museum was formed not as a monument to military glory, but as a record of the toil and sacrifice of those who had served in uniform or worked on the home front.

The vision for this record was that it would be so complete that every individual, man or woman, soldier, sailor, airman and civilian from across Britain and the Commonwealth would find a record of their contribution.

But with millions of people involved, not everyone could be named. Many stories could not be told.

Now, in the digital age, IWM can build the permanent digital memorial to the Lives of the First World War.

By working together during the First World War centenary, we can piece together more than 8 million life stories, share them, and enable IWM to save them for future generations.

It would be an extraordinary achievement if we could do this.

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Online is a fully searchable edition of the published accounts of 197,745 trials held at the Old Bailey, London's central criminal court, between 1674 and 1913. Initially inexpensive, and targeted at a popular audience, theProceedings were produced shortly after the conclusion of each sessions or meeting of the court. With the growth of newspapers and increasing publication costs the audience narrowed and by the 19th century was confined to lawyers and public officials. In total, the Proceedings comprise 127 million words of text, providing detailed accounts of witness testimony and court activity. In addition to the evidence provided about crime and criminal justice, the Proceedings provide richly detailed accounts of daily life in London. While most offences took place within London and Middlesex, from 1834 the court's jurisdiction expanded to include urban parts of Kent, Surrey and Essex. From this date a small number of more serious cases from other parts of England and Wales can also be found.

The website also includes all surviving editions of the Ordinary of Newgate's Accounts, biographies of approximately 2,500 executed men and women, compiled by the prison chaplain.

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SciPer описывает более 14000 статей, а также предоставляет ссылки на более чем 6000 персоналий и 2500 публикаций. В целом,проект Science in the Nineteenth-Century Periodical  представляет собой бесценный инструмент исследования для тех, кто заинтересован в изучении синтеза науки и литературы в XIX веке. предлагает доступ по подписке к широкому спектру генеалогичкских материалов, имеющих отношение к Британским островам, включая Ирландию. На сегодняшний день в рамках данного ресурса можно найти информацию о 156 000 000 подданных Соединённого королевства.


Nineteenth-Century British Pamphlets представлет сегодня 26,000 оцифрованных брошюр XIX века (более 990,000 страниц).

На ресурсе London Lives представленно 240 000 рукописей и можно узнать о более чем 335 000 человек, являющихся жителями Лондона в период с 1690-1800.

Lane's Masonic Records представляют массонские записи 1717-1894 гг., в них входят  списки всех лож от основания первой Великой Ложи в 1717 году вплоть до 1894 года, когда они были опубликован Объединенной Великой Ложей Англии в 1895 году.