Музей университета служит внутренним целям повышения преподавания и исследования в области искусства и культуры, а также открыт для посетителей со всего мира. Его коллекция содержит экспонаты Средиземноморского региона, Западной Европы, Китая, Латинской Америки и Соединенных Штатов.


With a collecting history that extends back to the 1750s, the Museum is one of the few university art museums of truly universal scope. Its collections, which number more than 97,000 works in all media, range from ancient to contemporary and span the globe.

Many of these works may be accessed through the Online Collections Catalogue. In the interest of providing access to the greatest number of works, not all data has been approved by a curator, and information about the artworks may change as the result of ongoing research. Objects will be added to the Online Catalogue as cataloguing is completed and images become available.